Broccoli by DRAM: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Broccoli is a trap/rap song released in 2016 by rapper Shelley FKA DRAM. It also features rapper Lil’ Yachty. The song served as the lead single of DRAM’s debut studio album Big Baby DRAM.

The Title – What does it mean?

The term “Broccoli” is slang for marijuana (weed). Rapper DRAM commented that he never knew some people used this term for weed. He was familiar with using the term “vegetables”, but never broccoli. He learned about the term when he heard artist Kodak Black use it.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?

(By Lil Yachty)

Hey lil’ mama, would you like to be my sunshine?

Nigga touch my gang we gon’ turn this shit to Columbine

Lil Yachty uses a childish approach in his first line by using terms like “lil’ mama” and “sunshine”. In the literal context, the line is asking a woman (that Yachty desires) if she would become his romantic/sexual partner (the “sunshine” of his life). But based on the second line, this line could be a way to mock his enemies. Addressing other men as females is a way to derogate them as less masculine and weaker.

The second line is highly controversial where Yachty threatens his enemies. If they attempt to hurt his friends and family, he would kill them like the Columbine High School Massacre. In 1999, two senior students shot and murdered 12 students and a teacher in a high school in Columbine, Colorado.

Ice on my neck cost me 10 times 3

30,000 dollars for a nigga to get flee

Lil’ Yachty is boasting about his attire and jewellery. “Ice on my neck” refers to the bling (necklaces and neck chains many rappers wear). According to Yachty, they cost $30,000 (“10 times 3”). Yachty comments that someone from the ghetto requires around 30 grand to “get flee”. ‘Flee’ is an east coast slang, which means dressing up in new and good clothes.

I just hit Rodéo and I spent like 10 Gs

I just did a show and spent the check on my mama

“Rodeo” refers to a famous shopping district on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Yachty is rich enough to spend a lot of money, shopping for trendy and luxurious items. But he is not completely vain. He also spends money on his loved ones to uplift them, like his mother. He is pretty generous, spending his earnings from an entire show on others.

When I go on vacay I might rent out the Bahamas

And I keep like 10 phones, damn I’m really never home

Yachty brags about his wealth. He exaggerates and claims that he can rent out the entire Bahamas for his vacation. The Bahamas is an archipelago comprised of over 700 islands and cays.

“10 phones” in the second line describe how busy Yachty’s schedule is. It is also a nod to the song 2 Phones by Kevin Gates, which talks about Gates being so busy that he needs two phones to manage his life and career. Yachty is always making music and performing. He doesn’t even have the time to visit home.

All these niggas clones tryna copy what I’m on

Nigga get your own, tryna pick a nigga bone

As a successful young rap artist, Lil’ Yachty is fed up of upcoming rappers trying to copy his music and style. He has a ‘bone to pick’ with them, meaning, address this issue which bothers him. The new artists, according to Yachty, should develop their own skills and style instead of following his footsteps.

Word to brother Skip, boy I had a good day

Metro PCS trappin’ boy I’m making plays

Yachty shouts out to rapper Skippa Da Flippa, whom he has collaborated with on tracks like Good Day. He references drugs and dealings with MetroPCS, which is a wireless carrier that is difficult to track. Many drug dealers on the street use this to run their business.

50 shades of grey, beat that pussy like Hulk Hogan

I know you know my slogan, if it ain’t ’bout guap I’m gone

Pulling off a double entendre, Yachty describes his prowess in bed by comparing himself to Hulk Hogan the wrestler. He hints at kinkiness by referring to the erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey. “…guap” is a slang for money. Yachty will not perform or tolerate anything unless he is paid properly.

Niggas hatin’ ’cause I’m chosen from the concrete I had rose

Shawty starin’ at my necklace ’cause my diamonds really froze

Referencing Tupac Shakur’s poem The Rose That Grew from Concrete, Yachty describes his difficult rise to fame. The “concrete” symbolizes the obstacles he had to overcome. Reaching where he is is akin to a rose rising from concrete – near impossible.

“Shawty” here refers to attractive women. They are attracted to Yachty and cannot keep their eyes off his expensive diamond necklace/bling.

Put that dick up in her pussy bet she feel it in her toes

Yachty flaunts his ability to pleasure a woman. When he has sex with a woman, she “feel it in her toes”. This implies the intensity of orgasm that Yachty can induce in a woman.

I’m a real young nigga from the 6 throwing bows

I’m a real young nigga from the 6 throwing bows

Real young nigga from the 6 throwing bows

Lil’ Yachty was born on Six Flags district in Austell, Georgia. He and his friends refer to Six Flags as “the Six”. “…throwing bows” could be a homage to Ludacris’ song Southern Hospitality which popularized the phrase “throw bows”. It is an expression for elbowing people in a densely occupied club with little space to maneuver. Here, it is a tool to hype up Yachty’s audience and fans that are crowding up at his show.

Bridge – What does it mean?

Ain’t no tellin’ what I’m finna be on, ayy, ayy

I’m beyond all that fuck shit, ayy

Ain’t no tellin’ what I’m finna, hey I’m beyond, ayy, ayy

Said I’m beyond all that fuck shit, ayy

According to DRAM, the first line does not mean anything in particular. He came up with it in the record studio, wanting to write something which went with the feel and the beat of the song. “…finna be” could imply, according to some DRAM fans, that the rapper is beyond any controversy. But DRAM confesses that this line is simply for the vibes.

“…fuck shit” is a term used to describe something negative which pulls you down or gets you in trouble. DRAM steers clear of the negativity, embracing more positive vibes.

Verse 2 – What does it mean?

(By Shelley FKA DRAM)

I got companies and Pesos

I got people on my payroll

DRAM refers to his crew and collaborators in these lines. This includes his producers, managers, DJ, entourage and more. The rapper asserts his dominance over his team as they are on his payroll. It is in a more playful sense than arrogant.

She don’t do it ‘less I say so

I don’t smoke if it ain’t fuego

Here, DRAM describes his use of weed (marijuana). For him, a girl worth having is the one who asks him if they can smoke his weed. There are some entitled and spoilt girls who do not even seek permission for something that belongs to others. Also, DRAM only smokes high quality “fuego” weed.

I should sauce ’em up like Prego

Fettucini with Alfredo

Prego is a pasta sauce brand and Fettucine Alfredo is a pasta dish. DRAM uses this imagery to highlight the support he has received from family and friends. It is like opening your fridge at home and finding these items on the shelves, something a mother would make. He also explains how these blessings made him successful enough to roast his enemies, just a little. Nothing too serious though.

All I wanted was the fame and every game they made on Sega

I was 5 or 6 years old when I had told myself ok you’re special

But I treat you like my equal never lesser

Even as a small child, DRAM knew he wanted to be a singer and rapper. The reference to Sega, a video game console, symbolizes DRAM’s ambition and competitiveness. He is also a self-motivated individual who knew he could make it.

I was 26 years old when we had dropped this one amazing record

Had the world stepping

That’s what I call epic

Cha Cha was DRAM’s debut single, released in 2015. It became a big hit for him and made him popular. He had “the world stepping”, meaning, tapping their feet to his music.

Couple summers later I got paper

I acquired taste for salmon on a bagel

With the capers on a square plate

After some years, DRAM made a lot of “paper”, that is, money. His standard of living improved drastically. “…salmon on a bagel” is not your typical fast food dish. It is mostly eaten at expensive restaurants and cafes.

At the restaurant with the why you got to stare face

To know I either ball or I record over the snare and bass

Rapper face, dread headed

Golden diamond teeth wearing

DRAM points out a socio-economic stigma prevalent in posh restaurants. People who can afford to eat in such places are usually dressed in formals or expensive clothes. But DRAM shows up to these places in his street outfit, bling and grillz. The rich people stare at him in disgust, wondering how someone dressed like that could afford to eat there.

They just mad ’cause I got that cheese bitch I keep dairy

The rich snobs who sneer at DRAM are just jealous of his “cheese”, which is slang for money.

Turnt up in the party getting lit to Yachty

With a Spanish Barbie word to my mami

DRAM gives a shout-out to the featured artist, Lil’ Yachty. He references actress Christina Vidal as the “Spanish Barbie”. She was trolled when DRAM’s song Cha Cha became popular.

Chorus – What does it mean?


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In the middle of the party bitch get off me

In the cut I’m rolling up my broccoli

DRAM talks about cramped up parties, where everyone goes wild but there isn’t enough space to move. He is asking people to get off him, as he is rolling a joint. Broccoli is slang for weed here.

Ya I know your baby mama fond of me

All she want to do is smoke that broccoli

Whispered in my ear she trying to leave with me

Many girls who meet DRAM claim that their boyfriends love his music. But it is all a ruse to smoke DRAM’s weed.

Said that I can get that pussy easily

Said that I can hit that shit so greasily

I’m a dirty dog I did it sleazily

DRAM is a successful rapper now and can get laid easily. If he does not connect with a girl intellectually, we will just smoke up and have sex with her. He may leave immediately after that since he is “a dirty dog”.


Broccoli is a rags-to-riches song disguised as a party rap track. It is inspired by the use of marijuana, but does not glorify it. The song describes weed’s ability to attract women, who may also choose to sleep with a rapper for some drags off his joint.

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